Vital Abogados Services

We cover the main necessities of our clients highlighting, within others, the following fields of work:

CONVEYANCING. We have a department specialized in this field of the Civil Law, this department deals with all the aspects of purchase, sale, tax implications, inheritance and any ongoing matters related to properties. We help our clients to avoid any kind of problem and to solve it should this occur, from choosing the property to the end of the procedure. In order to avoid any sort of complications in these delicate matters we will execute the will of our clients in order to prevent their families to carry out more expensive and disturbing inheritance procedures.

CIVIL AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURES. Our barristers cover all the matters regarding this branch of the Law through their continuous dedication in the Court. Civil and Criminal Law in Spain sometimes becomes complicate and slow, therefore, it is very important to have a barrister who can take care of the procedure explaining all the advances during the litigation.

URBAN REGULATIONS. Between our clients we have important developers in the Costa del Sol. The relevance of the proper knowledge of the rules in this area becomes unavoidable when we talk about security in construction and guaranties for our clients. We follow the procedure to get building licenses, insurance policies, bank guaranties for stage payments, and all the rest of important requisites to get security for our clients.

TAX DEPARTMENT. It is important to have a knowledge regarding the taxation in our country which is sometimes complicate and inflexible. Our department will help our clients to avoid without evading.  We are specialist in non-resident taxation, and the process to become resident.

COMMERCIAL AND COMPANY LAW. We analyse when it becomes convenient for our clients to incorporate a Spanish company, and if this is the case, we will follow the company progress from the incorporation to the liquidation, including taxes, administration, accounts and any other company requirements.

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND PROCEDURES. We can give our clients the best advice regarding any administrative matters. We understand that for foreign people it is very difficult to solve any administrative problems without the assistance of a specialist lawyer. It is not very common that a conflict arises between a non-resident and a governmental organism, but should this happen, it is usually a slow and difficult matter to understand

Finally, we would not like to finish letting our philosophy pass without remark which is no other than to keep our clients informed through a fluid communication, the effectiveness of our service and our fees competitiveness.